5 Google Analytics posts you don’t want to miss in July

Here’s again the last post of the month saved for the top 5 interesting Google Analytics related resources I found on other sites. Here are the five for July – you may want to bookmark those as they can be very useful:

Vimeo Tracking with Google Tag Manager

If you want to track how users are interacting with your embedded Vimeo videos, here is a step by step guide to setting up Vimeo tracking using Google Tag Manager (GTM) from Cardinal Path.

Using the Google Analytics Site Search reports

This Loves Data post shows you how to configure your Site Search reports in Google Analytics, explains the Search Terms, Pages and Usage reports, how to understand the post-search navigation and identify post-search issues.

9 Ways to Ensure Ad Tags Work in Google Tag Manager

Implementing tags in GTM from different platforms can be tricky especially if they are custom and require values that are not readily available. LunaMetrics shows 9 ways to ensure they work.

Visualize Any Data With Free Google Data Studio

A very nice walk-through Google’s new Data Studio product: what to use it for, dynamic updates through its live connection with Google products, great sharing and visualizing capabilities.

The Google Analytics Audit Checklist

Use this Google Analytics audit checklist based on Google Sheets from Distilled to make sure your setup provides accurate measurement and your GA account is free of spam or internal sessions, has proper goal tracking and accurate ecommerce tracking.

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2 thoughts on “5 Google Analytics posts you don’t want to miss in July

  1. The script provided by the article “Vimeo Tracking with Google Tag Manager” works great with the exception that it can’t track content displayed dynamically (such as in a lightbox). Any suggestions on how that might be possible? Thanks!!

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