5 Google Analytics posts you don’t want to miss in October

Here’s again the last post of the month saved for the top 5 interesting Google Analytics related resources I found on other sites. Here’s the selection for October – you may want to bookmark those as they can be very useful:

How to A/B Test with Google Tag Manager | Measureschool

In this video, Justin shows how to use Google Tag Manager as A/B testing tool and avoid paying for Optimizely or VWO. With this implementation the data will be sent to Google Analytics and you’ll need to calculate the winner additionally.

How to Find and Purge Personally Identifiable Information from Your Google Analytics

This post explains what constitutes as personal identifiable information (PII) and how to avoid passing this information to Google Analytics using different methods.

9 things you need to know about tracking social media with Google Analytics

Learn how social media is automatically tracked by GA, how to correctly track your paid social campaigns, use the social reports available in GA, and more!

How to Use Search Analytics in Google Sheets for Better SEO Insights

This small guide shows how to use the Search Analytics for Sheets add-on to fetch data from Google Search Console (via its API), grouped and filtered to your liking, and create automated monthly backups.

Spotlight on Google Tag Manager: Open and Secure Tag Management

Google introduced new third-party tag templates for GTM and added the recommendation to split the container snippet into two parts: a JS snippet to be placed in the <head> of the pages, and an iframe snippet that should be implemented just after the opening <body> tag.

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