5 Google Analytics posts you don’t want to miss in November

Here’s again the last post of the month saved for the top 5 interesting Google Analytics related resources I found on other sites. Here are the five for November – you may want to bookmark those as they can be very useful:

Why Adwords and Google Analytics data don’t match & how to fix it

This is a detailed post by Himanshu Sharma answering the very common question why AdWords show more/less conversions than Analytics. Check this one for troubleshooting ideas first, or use it to explain the differences to your boss / client.

Tracking Complex Interactions in Dynamically Added Cross-Domain Iframes – Google Analytics & Iframes

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

All 4 blog posts of the Luna Metrics series on tracking iframes: from tracking simple user interactions within cross-domain iframes by using the postMessage API, complex interactions when the iframe in question is on the same domain as the parent frame, tracking user interactions cross-domain when the iframe is added dynamically using JavaScript and tracking user interactions cross-domain when the iframe is added server-side.

Iframe Cross-Domain Tracking In Google Tag Manager

Simo Ahava also shares his approach for tracking iframes across domains, using the hitCallback method to decorate the iframe properly with cross-domain tracking parameters to ensure that any tracking that takes place within is attributed to the original session and user.

Introduction to Piwik – Best Google Analytics Alternative

Another Optimize Smart post presenting Piwik as a free alternative to Google Analytics. It explains its key benefits, possible paid options for cloud services, and how to install it on your website.

#GTMTips: Referral Exclusion On Receipt Page

In this quick tip Simo shows a simple and elegant way to make sure that no Ecommerce payment gateway referrals interferes with correct attribution on the ecommerce receipt page, so there’s no need to constantly update the Referral Exclusion List in Google Analytics.

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