5 Google Analytics posts you don’t want to miss in September

Here’s again the last post of the month saved for the top 5 interesting Google Analytics related resources I found on other sites. Here are the five for September – you may want to bookmark those as they can be very useful:

Track Form Engagement With Google Tag Manager

Simo Ahava updates his must-read post on form tracking to be compliant for version 2 of GTM. Bookmark this for a quick reference how to capture field value, selected radio button, checkbox or drop-down list item, capture multiple values, track form abandonment and how much time a user spends in each field.

Maximize Your Google Analytics with These Helpful Add-Ons

Here’s a good summary of different add-ons (most of them free) that help to make easier to digest GA data and get the most out of it. Some of them are Google Sheets Add-on, Debugger for Google Analytics, Annotations Manager, Analytics Edge Add-In and more.

Great Storytelling With Data: Visualize Simply And Focus Obsessively

This giant post by Avinash goes into the proper way to visualize data in presentations, using before and after sample slides grouped in 10 lessons.

Creating Adwords Remarketing Lists with GA Custom Dimensions

Very interesting guest post at Krista Seiden’s blog about using custom dimensions to build remarketing lists for AdWords. It also contains a great way to connect Facebook targeting (and all psychographic segmenting available there) with GA and your remarketing audiences!

Call Tracking: It’s All About Increasing Profits

Here you’ll learn what’s call tracking and how it works. Most probably the number of phone calls to your business is accelerating, so if you don’t have one in place, you should definitely consider adding call tracking.

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