I can’t accept Google Analytics Terms

You’re creating your new Google Analytics account. You fill in the fields, click on Get Tracking ID, the Terms of Service Agreement appears and… it seems there’s no way to accept it! Even if you scroll-down to the bottom, there’s no button.

No I Accept button

This has been a UI issue for quite some time now.

Here’s the quick work-around: if you’re using Chrome browser point your cursor to the header of the pop-up, it will change to show you can move it, just drag it up and you’ll see the two options: I Accept and I Do Not Accept.

Accept GA Terms

Now you can finish your sign up process and get your tracking code.

Happy Analytics!

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18 thoughts on “I can’t accept Google Analytics Terms

  1. Hi, I can’t accept the terms of condition. I can push the box around but not push it high enough to see the tick box to accept the terms at the bottom. I’ve tried using Chrome, IE, Mozilla and Edge! I’ve tried changing my resolution and I’ve tried connecting a bigger screen and moving the T’s and C’s to that, still can’t see the bottom!!

    Gosh, there are thousands of people complaining about this, Google should really pay attention!

    If anybody has another suggestion I’d be most grateful.

  2. Here’s what I did, seems the UI is fine in mobile versions so either open in mobile/tabs or in Google chrome
    1. Open Developer tools F12
    2. View webpage in mobile version – Click Toggle Device Toolbar in the top-left of Developer Tools.

  3. I am having this same problem as well. I can’t move the box high enough to see the bottom.

    Why hasn’t Google done anything to fix this issue???

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