Limited AdWords data in Google Analytics

For a recent task I needed to pull a combination of AdWords and Google Analytics data:

Dimensions needed: Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Device Category, Hour, Custom Dimension 2
Metrics needed: Sessions, Bounce Rate, Clicks, Cost, CPC

Easy, right? First, I tried a simple custom report:


But when you run it, there’s no data for the AdWords metrics (clicks, cost, CPC):



So it turned out that when you connect AdWords and GA, you can combine a limited number of dimensions. In our case, it will work if I remove the Hour and Custom dimensions:


The AdWords support sent me a copy-paste reply about the AdWords API, although my original question was about GA Reporting API:


Their Twitter support was more adequate:


So you can combine your AdWords metrics with specific GA dimensions only. The available options are:

Acquisition: medium, source, source/medium, traffic type
Advertising: account, ad content, ad distribution network, ad group, adwords ad group id, adwords campaign id, adwords creative id, adwords criteria id, adwords customer id, destination URL, keyword, keyword match type, query match type, query word count, search query, social annotation type, trueview video ad
Time: date, day index, day of the month, day of week, day of week name, month index, month of the year, month of year, week index, week of the year, week of year, year
Users: device category, mobile (including tablet)

No custom dimensions, hours, behavior, social or ecommerce dimensions.

In addition, there are different options available in the different AdWords reports as well. For example, you can add keywords as secondary dimension to search query in the Search Queries report, but you can’t add search query as a secondary dimension to the Keywords report. The Hour of Day report doesn’t contain any Clicks tab / data. The Sitelinks report is also limited being quite new.

So just something to keep in mind – not all AdWords metrics are available for different combinations in GA reports.