No data in new GA view

Here’s a quick tip if you have recently created a new view for a GA property but it doesn’t collect any data after 24-48 hours.

First, check your filters – do you have an include filter that may cause issues?

Second, if you have enabled the User-ID feature (under Admin – Property – Tracking Info – User-ID) when you create a new view you’ll have an extra field to set:

user ID view

If you aren’t using the User ID feature (passing unique identifier to GA for logged in visitors), you shouldn’t turn this option on. Just leave it on OFF as it’s by default.

If you check it and don’t send any user IDs the view won’t show any data!

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2 thoughts on “No data in new GA view

  1. Hi
    I am new to Google analytics. I enabled User id feature. And I am able to see real-time data. But I am not seeing any data under User Explorer, actually, I want to verify that feature is working fine with different user ids or not. So that I can analyze different user’s behavior instead of just analyzing with default client ids. I am searching for the solution. Could you please help me with this?. Thanks in advance.

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