What organic keywords are driving traffic to your site?

Since Google started hiding organic keywords back in 2011, it’s common to see more than 95% – 99% grouped as (not provided) in your reports.

When you go to Acquisition – All Traffic – Channels and click on Organic Search you’ll see the sad reality. If you switch the primary dimension to Landing Page, you get a list of the top pages driving organic traffic and their respective conversions.

Most probably you know what keywords these pages are attracting (based on the content / topic), but it’s always useful to double check if there are new search terms you haven’t thought about and possibly get ideas for new pages.

One way to understand what search queries are driving organic traffic to your site is to use Google’s Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools). Let’s first export the top 10 landing pages from organic search.

Now go to Search Console and select Search Traffic – Search Analytics. Under Dates select the same time period – last 30 days is default, and you can go up to the last 90 days. Under Pages create a filter for the top landing page in your list. Now you’ll see the actual search queries people used to reach this page of your website from Google:

Search keywords

You can download the list and repeat the process for the other top landing pages.

Although you can’t tie a keyword to conversions, it still gives you a much better idea about the search intent and why people arrive at your pages from Google Search.

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