PadiTrack discontinued – here’s a Google Sheets alternative

I received an email today from PadiCode, the creators of PadiTrack, announcing the closing of this awesome free tool. The discontinuation will be effectively starting on March 15th, 2015 and the product will close down effectively a month later, on the 15th of April 2015.

PadiTrack is/was great for showing historical data of your conversion funnels (and many other things included in their Pro package). As you know, if you create or update your goal funnel steps in GA, they will show you data only going forward. One work-around is to build advanced segments and export the data in Excel or another tool. This is where PadiTrack was extremely useful.

Here’s an alternative of PadiTrack (although not that beautiful), using Google Sheets and the GA Add-on. Open the GA Funnel Builder and save a copy in your account.

There are several fields you need to fill in (colored in yellow) on the first sheet called Dashboard.

1. You need to get your GA View ID – go to Admin – View Settings and copy the number under View ID:




2. Enter it in the yellow field next to GA profile.

3. Define your start and end dates, by updating the values in the yellow fields.


4. Enter your funnel steps by using the page URI, just like you’d define them when configuring a goal.

5. Select your condition: exact match, contains or matches regular expression by entering “yes” next to the option you want. The example here is using the default Magento shopping cart process.

6. Select Add-ons – Google Analytics – Run reports.


7. Google Sheets will get the GA data and you’ll get a status report like the one below. In my example I have 3 successful reports as I defined 3 steps:


8. Your funnel is ready.




The final result / visualization could be improved a lot, here’s just the data. Also, segmentation could be easily applied or the number of steps expanded.

Note: PadiTrack is using the Users metric to calculate their conversion funnel, while I’m using Sessions here. If you’d like to show Users, you can modify the metrics in the Report Configuration sheet by changing ga:sessions to ga:users.

Hope this will help you in your conversion funnel building 🙂

If you have questions or comments, please share them below.


Here’s a separate version of the GA Funnel Builder where first step is mandatory.

P.S. Got a Google Analytics question? Send it to me and I’ll try to answer it on the blog.

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9 thoughts on “PadiTrack discontinued – here’s a Google Sheets alternative

  1. Hi Margarita,

    Is this funnel tacking into account that the first step is mandatory? I mean:
    To be counted in Step 2, the visitors has to have visited Step 1?


  2. Hi Margerita,
    I have to say I think this tool is fantastic. Great work. Simple but very effective. I sooo miss paditrack, but what you have created here has been a great help in plugging the gap. Just wanted to say thanks.:-)

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