Check Geo Location for Specific Pages in Google Analytics

Here’s a recent question I got:

“We have a website, but there’s a specific set of pages at that are used for a presentation tool for potential customers. We need to see for the visitors who view these special pages, which US states they are coming from.”

Let’s build an advanced segment to achieve this.

Open Google Analytics and click on + Add Segment at the top and the red + New Segment. Give your segment a name, like Demo pages, choose Conditions from the left pane and filter for Sessions – Include – Page – Contains – /demo/

demo pages segment

Then go to Geo -> Location report with your new segment applied. Click on United States and you’ll get the list of states (called Region in GA):

states segment applied


You can go to any other standard or custom report with the same segment applied to check what’s special about these potential customers.

This is just a simple example of how powerful the advanced segments can be.

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