5 Google Analytics posts you don’t want to miss in September

Here’s again the last post of the month saved for the top 5 interesting Google Analytics related resources I found on other sites.

So much good stuff this month! It’s hard to pick up only 5 blogs to share. Here’s the selection for September – you may want to bookmark those as they can be very useful:

Magically track forms using Google Analytics

In this post Benjamin shows how to use Komito Analytics to track form abandonment and interactions fast and easy. It’s JavaScript that you can add in Google Tag Manager and automatically track a number of custom interactions.

Tracking Multiple Categories in Google Analytics for Content Pages

A step-by-step tutorial how to track articles that are associated with multiple tags and categories in Google Analytics. You’ll create a custom dimension for each page category and a custom metric to track how often each category is viewed.

Get the Recipe: Hover Tracking in Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager doesn’t automatically listen for hover events and the awesome guys at LunaMetrics provided a recipe that you can download and import into your GTM container. Follow the extra instructions and start tracking hover events!

10 JavaScript Concepts For Web Analytics Implementation

This blog from Simo follows a conference talk he gave at MeasureCamp IX, London earlier this month. I agree that understanding the JavaScript basics are extremely important in web analytics implementation. Go through the 10 JS concepts presented and if you’re still feeling lost, go ot Codecademy, get a book about JS and practice!

Google updates – there were so many amazing announcements from the GA team: you can move GA properties (extremely useful for agencies that have all their customers GA sites under one account), work with the improved unique events metric and sign up for the free Google Optimize!

P.S. Got a Google Analytics question? Send it to me and I’ll try to answer it on the blog.

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